Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vacation time

Off on a two week vacation.  Please 
check back soon.

Go for the Big-time

Dream big.  Believe big,  Pray big.  Make room for God to do something new in your life.  Joel Osteen

Stop and think about this:  We live in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Everything here is here for our benefit.  It's like having a buffet of goodies.  What are we choosing?  Steak or weanies and beans?  The price is the same no matter what we choose, so why not go for the biggest and best we can imagine.

We need to declare what Joel calls, "our best life."  Here is an example of my declarations:  I call in great health, tremendous abundance and prosperity, relish restoration and healing.  I am living all of my dreams now.  I am a magnet for great blessings that are explosive in a huge way.
I accept God's dream for me.  All in my life is a gift of great magnitude.   I am open and receptive to all of God's ideas and I act on them immediately.    Creativity flows for me all of the time.  From now on, I am permanently slim, slender and healthy.  My good surrounds me and I take advantage of all the new opportunities immediately.

All declarations are in present time, positive, and ready for my best life now.  

While on my road trip, I listened to Joel on the radio, and got inspired to revise my dreams, update them, and supersize them.  Since God always says 
"yes" to all that we call for, why not go for the very best at the size all of us can accept in the moment.  

We are created in the image and likeness of God, which means we are all masterpieces in the eyes of God.  I don't know about you, but I am stepping into my genius now.  My feeling is that since I have an idea about something, God placed the idea and with it, the ways and means to bring it about.  

I am making more room for God to do something new in my life.  Join me?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We are of God

We all are a fragment torn from God.  Epictetus, a Greek Philosopher

Being fragments of God means that we are exactly as God is.  Makes sense since the Hebrew Bible tells us that we are made in the image of God.  Hence, we have the same nature as God and we have all of the same qualities of God.

Deep thinking about that can give great comfort or as me, when I first read it, scared the bejeezus out of me.  ME!  THE same as God!  That means that I can create, demonstrate, and manifest exactly as God.  Since I am God, who am I asking for what it is that I want to experience in life?  Am I asking myself or God?

Since I have the same qualities as God, then all I have to do is speak my word or declare what it is that I want to experience in my life.  I have the same Power as God.  One thing I do know that in order to attract the good things of life, I have to, HAVE TO believe that I am blessed with a Divine Nature and that I am worthy of receiving all that this Kingdom of Heaven can provide.  

The great shift for me was realizing that I am precious, important and loved by God.  Something inside changed for me.  All of us are created for a specific purpose and I realized that there wasn't a way to get out of that purpose no matter how much I denied the urge to do so.  

What again changed for me was that I got busy doing what it is that I needed to do in my life.  Suddenly, I was experiencing peace, pleasure, and plenty in all things.  Stuff just started showing up.  Ernest Holmes teaches us that, "By thinking, you set in motion a Power that creates.  It will be exactly as you think.  You throw out into Mind an idea, and Mind creates it for you and sets it on the path of your life."  It truly is simple, fun and easy.

Notice:  I am traveling for several weeks, so please check back soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Honoring Dreams

There is within you a spark of the Divine that is capable of great things, greater than you ever imagined.  This "spark" communicates with you through your desires.  Dr. Deepak Chopra said that our desires are Life's attempts to move us out of our limitations, to move us off our current position, into new and exhilarating experiences.  Beginning this moment, honor your dreams and accept that you can do what you choose to do.  The urge to live a more expansive life is not only coming from within you, but it supplies the power to implement the necessary action for your desired accomplishment.  Dr. Ruth Wilkerson

The key to the above statement is "it supplies the power to implement the necessary action for your desired accomplishment."  That spark within us gives us the desire, the dream and then supplies all we need to get it done.  

Most of us think that when we get an idea, we need to get the whole, complete plan for the idea.  I have found that normally I get the idea and when I start on the idea, step by step, I get more of the plan or more ideas to carry out the plan.  Rarely do I get the whole process at one time.  I think if I did, it would overwhelm me and I wouldn't even start the process.

Most of my lessons come from what I do in my daily life.  Ordinary things open up for me.  For example, I love to knit.  Right now I am working on a project that I have never done before.  It is a sweater with a front pocket and hoodie.  I am working on the pocket and the directions don't tell me how to attach the finished product to the front panel.  I know that when I slide my hands into a front pocket in my other jackets, there is no space open to the inside.  But, as I was working on the pocket panel, and thinking about the process, an idea came to me and I thought, "check out 'You Tube' for more instructions."  

There is always an answer or solution to every desires accomplishment as long as you are open to receive an answer.  Thank you Divine Spark within me for supplying me with a solution.  IT always works.  And I make sure IT always works for me.  Make it your Divine Solution too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Say "Yes" to all of Life

There is a Power operating through, a Presence inspiring, an intelligence guiding, and a Law of Good sustaining you.  Upon this Presence, this Power and this Law you may place complete reliance.  Because you live in a this Divine Presence and because It is in you, you may know that the creative Law of Good, which is infinite, and which has all power, can do for you or bring to you, anything and everything necessary to your complete happiness.  Its whole desire for you is one of freedom and joy.
Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

What a gift and blessing the above is when you think about it deeply.  We have the power within us to bring to us whatever our heart's desire.  Our desire is God's desire for us.  

Several days ago, there was an article in the newspaper about a man who was 107 years old.  He lives alone, mows his own lawn with a push mower, volunteers at his church, and served in the military through several major wars.  The reason for his longevity, he says, is to always look forward to something new in life.  

This man got me to thinking.  Sure, I am retired, but based on me living beyond 100, I have more than enough time to create a new career and to be able to finish it - if there is such a thing.   What "something new" would I like to get involved in and what would bring me huge amounts of satisfaction?  Right now, I am not sure, but, based on having a Power, Presence, Intelligence, and Law of Good within me and sustaining me, I am sure I can get some new ideas for my new career.  This is a very exciting prospect for me to even think about.  What would be the most fun?  Work has not always been fun for me, so just this idea of what would be the MOST fun is very intriguing.  I am looking forward to this process just to see what comes up.  I am already smiling...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

State Your Desire

You have the Power within you to confront any situation with assurance and certainty.  You are here to experience the type of life you desire.  You can be healthy, happy,  free, and abundantly supplied simply by knowing that your life is the Life of God.  Dr. Ruth Wilkerson

Dr. Ruth goes on to say that, "You have every right to feel good about yourself because you are good.  The Power of God is your Power, and as you accept that It responds by a support that exceeds any need."

Knowing that the Power of God outmatches any problem and can erase it completely all the while replacing it with a perfect solution is very comforting.  Think about it.  All we need to do is place the issue into the hand and heart of God and allow it to be erased, replaced and solved.

What's left?  Perfect Life.  All we need to do is remember to do what needs to be thought about and turn it directly over to the Principle of Life.  We are all a "fragment or spark of God" and as such I know that we are precious and important to our Creator.  God would not create such magnificent creatures such as we are and then pull the rug out from under us.  God does not operate that way.  In fact, every spiritual teaching tells us that God is good and that that goodness flows to each and every one of us as we allow it into our lives.

I know that I want more "permanent" good of all kinds to flow to me or show up on the path of my life.  Each of us gets to define what our "good" is.
I think it includes radiant health, infinite wisdom, fabulous substance and supply, abundant prosperity, increased order and harmony, deeply abiding peace, grace, and well-being.  Along with all of that, I want serenity and security all around me so that I can feel and operate with the wholeness of life.  All of this translates into the highest and best I can imagine for myself at this time.  I love knowing that the Power of God is within me and I can use it for my pleasure for whatever I think I need that this time.  What's on your buffet?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Time for Remembering

The time has come in our evolution when we should awaken to the recognition that behind each one stands the Eternal Mind - that each has complete access to It; that each may come to It for inspiration and revelation - that that surrounding all is a Divine Law obeying the dictates of this Eternal Mind.  Ernest Holmes

Several blogs ago, I wrote about my friend who is experiencing Stage IV
cancer and she is now in Hospice.  When I talk to her, her voice is very weak and I can barely understand what she is saying.  Sometimes her sentences are disjointed and don't many any sense.

When speaking with her this morning, I told her that I would love to know what she had learned through this experience and she replied, "I haven't learned a damn thing." That came through loud and clear.  It made me laugh again.

That is what I miss about her more than anything.  We use to make each other laugh and we talked about things that were silly and we were able to laugh all the more.

I remember in Ministerial School, we were suppose to MindMap the next Sunday's sermon and submit it with part of our weekly assignment.  The next Sunday was Easter.  I got to thinking, how much can an Easter service change from year to year?  I called my friend and said, lets MindMap last year's sermon, and play hooky on Sunday and go to Great America as this will probably be our last Sunday to all play together before we started our new careers as ministers.  Most of our class was ready to play at an amusement park and we did go.  Had a wonderful time.  My friend and I laughed about the experience for years to come.  The problem with it was that every Easter since that time, all I wanted to do was go to an amusement park.  I wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel and release balloons from the very top and watch them float away again.

She is one of the greatest blessings of my life.  I miss her already.  God, surround her with comfort, courage, peace and release as she gets ready for her next journey of life.